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Gabriela Gjurekovec – 

Armed by her architecture education and her freelance photojournalism experience, Gabriela aka ” GiGi”  has positioned herself as an epitome of portrait and architectural photography. For over 15 years, she captured stunning images that demonstrate her subject’s true essence. 

GiGi’s ability and eye for detail allow her to bring out the innate beauty of every individual who sits in front of her lens. Despite a person’s inhibitions and self-doubt, she succeeds in transforming one’s perception, making them see their true beauty. She believes that photography isn’t merely capturing what is overt, but it unveils a captivating story from an abyss of emotions. Gigi recognizes the significance of each moment, thus, aiming to capture expressive, powerful images with great aesthetics while positioning her subjects as the true protagonists of every story.

Apart from touching many lives through her photography, GiGi became well-known in the industry wherein some of her works were published in the Oprah e-Magazine, the book RV Love, Denver Business Journal front cover, and Italian dance magazine front cover. Today, GiGi interweaves her passion for photography, art, business, and marketing to create a unique personal brand that aims to build long-lasting relationships.  

Get into the creative realm of Gabriela G Photography where you can be yourself and see yourself in a more alluring way. With Gigi’s photography skills, your life’s milestones will be wrapped in a capsule of everlasting glory.

Gabriela – GiGi | Branding Photographer in Denver, Colorado | Founder  
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